Creative Expo Fringe

Fringe Shops, The City is the Exhibition Hall
“The City is the Exhibition Hall. The Exhibition Hall is the Life.” The Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) 2015 shows the multicultural diversity by inviting the quality cultural creative organizations, art space and businesses around the three great joint exhibition halls, Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, Huashan 1914 Creative Park and the Taipei Expo Park to join the “Fringe Shops”. Expecting that with the highest quality L-shaped experience gallery of life can activate the whole city and stimulate the culture and tourism industrial economy. Let’s experience the whole new exquisite lifestyle!

The L-shaped experience gallery of high-quality life gathers the most interesting and attractive choices, including the unique style restaurants and cafes, the up to date stores for living goods, the shops of handmade crafts that are full of humanity and insistence to the quality, the compound spaces which convey the concept and spirit of the brand, and other featured shops such as clothing, eating, and floral art. With all these Fringe Shops around the exhibition halls, the whole city is the exhibition itself. Visit and explore the treasures in the Fringe Shops yourself!

For further activity details, please check the website of Creative Expo Fringe and download the app of Creative Expo Fringe “CET map” to get the latest information and the good deals.

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