Creative Expo Taiwan – Brands Innovation

  • Views of new policy

    to deeply root Taiwan culture soft power in order to promote new economic thoughts in industries.

  • Values of new brand

    to convey Chinese high quality of life overseas and become a country-wide movement.

  • Types of new exhibition

    to present the unique attitude and life values of Taiwan.

  • Tendencies of new shopping

    to be a leader of new Chinese lifestyles.

  • Modes of new industry chain

    to connect with the external cultural creative industries modus operandi.

The concept of Creative Expo Taiwan implies the temporal and spatial values of a free and openness in Taiwan where it is suitable for creations with an immeasurable multi-cultural virtue, as well as the key to expand industries deeper and wider, is the indispensable strength of Taiwan. It is a prolific piece of culture and creation with new hopes.

With Quality & Identity, Creative Expo Taiwan points out the brand qualia and composition. As a point of departure from the contemporary classics, it elegantly begins with eastern principles and a western methodology throughout, experiencing economics through sensory means, noticing the necessity of cultural roots of Taiwan and believing one with all creativity will stimulate a higher industrial value and economic transformation.