International Forum

Creative Expo Taiwan 2015—Cultural and Creative Trend Forum

Creative Expo Taiwan 2015, the New Window to Observe Chinese Lifestyle In 2015, the fifth year of Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) is themed with “The city is the exhibition, the exhibition displays lifestyles.” The expo is hold in the 3 historical exhibition halls, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural & Creative Park and the Taipei Expo Park and together forming the expo trading platform. Moreover, CET joins the various activities of more than 150 stores, such as creative bookstores, coffee shops, restaurant, exhibition and performance spaces, and design studios to be the city collateral exhibitions. We sincerely invite buyers, mass media, and general public to jointly experience Taiwanese exquisite lifestyle. CET is more than just a business exhibition; it’s an extensive city activity. The Brand New Professional Field Exchanging Platform for Chinese Creative Industry “Cultural and Creative Trend Forum” is the most crucial event in CET. Aim at gathering the top cultural and creative masters, trend observers, and business elites together to devote to and to enrich the knowledge feast of Chinese world pulsation and creative management as well as offering a brand new platform for inspiration exchange and business cooperation in Chinese creative industry. 6 Issues as the Trial Balloons Guiding Chinese Lifestyle “Cultural and Creative Trend Forum” 2015 centers upon two themes: “New Chinese Lifestyle” and “Essence Theory”. CET invites contemporary heavyweight Asia speakers to analyze current Chinese lifestyle and trends with 6 subjects, “Trend Perspective”, “Business Design”, “Lifestyle”, “Contemporary Craftworks”, “Creative Licensing”, and “Internet Innovation” with the expectation of expanding the brand new horizon of Taiwanese cultural and creative industry and allowing the international professionals to know more about the exquisite lifestyle of Chinese.

  • Date Friday, May 1st – Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, in total of 6 sessions
  • Location Room A, B and C, 6F, Taipei New Horizon Building
  • Organizers Sponsor: Ministry of Culture Operators: Taiwan Design Center, Fubon Art Foundation