Logo and Main Visual Theme


The Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) LOGO

Coffee shops, book stores, public spaces, art exhibitions and creative markets around the street reflects Taiwanese, the model of living attitude and values for the Chinese, pay highly attention to the leisure and cultural activities. CET centers the exquisite Taiwanese lifestyle, showing Taiwan’s value of liberty and open-mindedness, and displaying the quality and uniqueness of Taiwan cultural and creation. The three squares of Chinese character 口 (kou) symbol culture, creation and the power of beauty, which represent the attitudes of Chinese exquisite lifestyle.


The Creative Expo Main Vision Discourse

Vision is like the imprint of quick response code, the fast-mapping black and white stripes that constructing matrices, rapidly extracting the quantified information to accomplish the miscellaneous possibilities of life. Culture is the result of accumulation in succession; the common denominator worked out, with more digital information and knowledge, between contemporary and history. Time leads space exploring future’s central axis and returns to the pathway of Belle Époque. We are now walking into the cloud with the readjusting pace, through the whole new model of communion, and revising the imagination of thinking. Each generation should have the unique taste and style representing itself. The younger field of vision is now accelerating the progress!